before we was tweetin’ we were QT puppehs!
i put a call out to my fwends for puppeh pics
and wow did they deliver the cuteness! #TEAMQT

@Tucker_the_BTFB layin’ it on thick wif the eyes

@moleypup precious lil little snortles

@OakleyNSwisher pawsum pooch, oakley

@LoganSaxby 20 weeks of cuteness

@Aint_No_Bull mini moe kisses

@PalomaTheBoston swagged out since berf

@FinleyBeagle beagle & plushie snuggles

@clyde_with_a_y 1st pee wif new family

@Bonniethewestie yoof yoga master

@wirednerves baby kermie’s no dummie

@MaddyBT pure BT innocence

@Charlie_Bulldog puppeh pull ups

@OakleyNSwisher handful of swisher

@RileyBT top puppeh model

@RockyTheDogg german shep/malamute QT

@Queen_Greta befores she met her king, rocky

@IamCindyBush peyton is ready to play!

@lpzbuzz snow bunneh, zimmer

@sherryfawkes zoe is perfection

@skylarmoonbeam baby mr peabody

@Bulldogmom22 big bad bandit hidin’ from mower

@RubytheBT treat + kong=nap

@_Princess_Lily snooty princess

@BTWinston witty bitty winston

@wobble_chops PYF pretty yung frenchie

@sdukas sweet snoopy

@RVBulldog bouncin’ bailey wif pal, taz

@DaisyDorg baby beagle hugs

@laurawindy annie, the frenchie of 2moro

@bullymonst graceful gracie

THX to all my fwends for submitting pics!

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  1. #TeamQT fureberz!!!!! Woot! Woot!