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October 14th, 2012

NYCC Video

here it is! check out comic con 2012 from my POV!

October 13th, 2012


bang a gong comic con is on! #NYCC

“puppy wants the blue stuff, yo! come on, mr white”

i wonder, is this really a woman?? dogs luv boobs
but not hairy ones! BOL! wonder wobear rooled

come at me bro! puppy will saves u, ponies!

“i am iron man…” and i am puppy

the girls luv me..and yes, i smells good

it’s barf! he’s a mog: half man, half dog.

kiki, jiji and puppy! how sweet are we?

holy pugs! battlepug is here! OMG!

mike norton is totally freakin’ drawin’ me!
i was sure to stay still and not blink..

this, QTs, is EPIC. thank u battlepug!

ok, time to go home and wash off the nerd germs..jk!
comic con 2012 was crowded, dizzying and PAWSUM!
pssst…check back 2moro for my video!