welcome to @puppysblog recipe page!
i luvs to cook & i luvs good presentation
im vegetarian & i likes to nomnomnom
below are sum of my fav creations!
#FOODIE4LIFE bone appetit! allez cuisine!

“Puppy did it again – another home run with Whole
Foods Market ingredients. Nice work puppy.”

-Whole Foods Market NYC

Es paaaaaaw lickin good!” -@clyde_with_a_y

homemade veggie burgers make me feel happy. srsly.

in greedy ants: chick peas, shrooms, fennel, rolled
oats, maroon carrot, egg & precooked lentils & rice
plus watercress, avocado, tomato & a brioche bun

chop & cook the shrooms, fennel & carrot in olive oil
roughly chop up chickpeas, add em & the precooked
lentils & rice in, sprinkle wif herbs de provence..heat!
then, take a lil less than half of that & process it, but
keep it like u like ur frenchies, chunky BOL!

mix the halves together, add in egg & rolled oats to
form it into a thick patty then wrap in plastic wrap
place into a shallow burger-sized container (i used
one of those plastic ones from the whole foods bar)
gently pat wif ur paw to shape into a burger..
dont mush it! refrigerate for 15 minutes to firm it up

heat sum oil, carefully place burger.. do not touch
or move it, saute 5-7 mins on lowish/med heat
flip it for another 5-7, then back for 2 & it’s done!

dress a warmed brioche bun wif watercress & top
ur veggie burger wif avocado & tomato & get happy!

this is my yummy version of phở! not exactly made
the traditional way, but oh so nommy!

in greedy ants: vegetarian broth + a lil ginger,
fennel seed, a sprinkle of cinnamon, tofu, rice
noodles, ‘shrooms, bok choy, basil, lime, sriracha
do it: sauté the tofu then the shrooms, heat the broth
adding in a lil of the fennel & cinnamon
quick boil noodles then toss in cold water
put noodles in bowl, line the sides wif bok choy
top wif tofu & ‘shrooms then add sum broth & garnish!

this is a pawsum fall dish for ur mouf!
first, u gets a variety of ‘shrooms: oyster, white,
shiitake, baby bellas.. then, u slices them up

sauté the ‘shrooms in butter.. add chopped fennel
& garlic when the ‘shrooms are almost done

warms up cannellini beans in a pot wif a lil bit
of cream & lil more butter..pour beans in 9″ pie pan
rinse that pot & cooks up sum polenta in it (watch out!
it DOES pop & bubble like the directions say)

top the beans wif the ‘shrooms (save a few pretty ones)
then, spoon the polenta on top of the ‘shrooms & beans

coat wif a nice layer of mozzarella & parm
cheeeeeeses.. garnish wif the prettiest ‘shrooms

maths: bake covered at 350° for about 20 mins
while it bakes make a tasty salad!

uncover & broil til the cheeeeeeses get a lil golden
(HOT! make sure u use protection)

ohhhh, maaaann! take it out & display! let it cool
a bit before u cuts into it..warm temp is yummiest!

it tastes even better the next day! enjoy it twice!

UPDATE: this time i made it wif sum asparagus!

“Momma made @puppysblog recipe… Everyone
loved it! Thanks puppy!” -@Aint_No_Bull

“..Recipes (duh) and super cute shots of puppy
in culinary action! Oh puppy, you never cease
to make us smile!” -@batpigandme

i luvs nommin’ on nachos… here’s how i
make dem the tastiest! viva la nomchos!

salsa in greedy ants: 2 kinds tomato, fennel,
lime, olive oil, salt, pep, garlic + cilantro

blend half of the tomatoes, pinch each of fennel,
garlic, cilantro wif olive oil, salt, pep, lime

combine the remaining in greedy ants wif the
stuff u just blended…taste!

guac: avocado, olive oil, lime, salt, pep + cilantro

monster mash wif a fork til its slowly guacamole!

sprinkle cheeeeeese on yellow corn tortilla chipsy
warm sum refried black beans in a pot or heat wif chips!
maths: bake at 350° til the cheeeeeese is melty


“I think u should do a cook book.. if the real
house wives can do it so can u!” -@bullymonst

today’s special at puppy’s place is.. pizza!
first, the dough needs to be kneaded

roll it out super long, sprinkle wif flour if its sticky
put sum semolina on bottom of dough, put on pan

sauce it, bake it, resauce it lightly
tip: blow a puff of air unda the dough in the oven
note: do not stain paws or burn lips

throw sum cheeeese on it, bake more

cutta the peeeezahhhhh wif the pizza cutter

prepare for deelish noms in ur mouf..

in greedy ants: premade @wholefoodsnyc dough, sauce, cheese
maths: 500º for 5min wif sauce then 5min more wif cheese

“Oh dat pitza luks maavelus!!!!
Lotz of cheez, my favoritt.” -@RockyTheDogg

“yummy! I coming over. That pizza looks good!
#pizzaparty” -@henrytheboston

wake up! its time to make the toast!

in greedy ants: frenchie baguette, 1c half & half, 3 eggs
lil maple syrup, lil salt, lotta butta, half pint or more blueberries
note: the nite before slice bread into 1 inch thick rounds, leave out
but not where sum kitty can walk on them or dog can nom ‘em
mix the half & half, eggs, syrup, salt in a baking pan
put the toasts in the custard for a few mins, then flip over
while they soak it up, melt butta in a pan, turn oven on 250º
brown each side of toast in pan then put in oven for 10 minutes
melt the booberries in a pot, squish ‘em a lil
dis is great if u havin’ lots of ppl over for breakfast cuz
toasts can sit in the oven while u make more & more & more…
plate pretty, pour on the purple!!

this is my fav meal of all times!

in greedy ants: red white & greens: cherry tomatoes,
fresh mozzarella, chopped lettuce, olive oil, salt pep
creamy noms: thinly slice euro cucumber, plain yogurt with
honey, fennel, salt pep and lots of dill
plain & olive hummus: chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon,
garlic, salt pep.. taste it as u make it til it’s goooooood
dipping stuffs: grilled whole weet pita & quorn nekkid cutlet

how to make hummus: blend hummus in greedy ants. set aside half.
this is ur plain hummus. add handfull of chopped gaeta or kalamata olives
to other half, lil bit more olive oil and lemon, blend. should look purplish.

zucchini + spaghetti = zucchetti!

zucchini wif fennel tomato mozzarella & spinach!

washed my in greedy ants: zucchini fennel & tomato
then julienne, slice it, chop it up

whisk lemon, olive oil wif salt & pepper
add tomatoes fresh mozzarella & fennel

admire ur noms before u steam them….for a
few mins..then toss wif spinach & plate!

poor tommozzfennel mix over zucchini
in greedy ants: 2 zucchini, 2 tomatoes, 1 fennel bulb,
baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, lemon, olive oil, salt pep
optional addition: quorn nekkid cutlet

“Wow Puppy, your ‘ZUCCHETTI’ looks spectacular,
keep up the good work cutie-pup!” -@MsXFITness

“Our most fav pics yet! Paw on the food, adorbs!” -@wholefoodsnyc

10 step ravioli-in-mouf program..

1st step: make sure u has a pasta machine
2nd step: make sure u knows how to use it
3rd step: cook up sum quorn or soy meatballs
when they’re done, warm the sauce in that pot
4th step: make nice thin sheets of pasta
5th step: slice meatballs in half, put them on pasta
wif a lil cheese (mozz/parm) looks like poop but its good!

6th step: use egg or water to make a square ’round the ball
7th step: place another sheet of pasta on top, cut & pinch
edges to seal. stop when it looks like a ravioli should.
8th step: drop raviolis in boiling water for a few mins
9th step: plate, sauce, sprinkle wif cheese
10th and final step: nomnomnom

“Puppy hab goot taste – an prolly taste goot himself!” -@SquirtGG

“Put yer food in my mooouf, in my hungry fronchie mooouf.
Now u can lick it, u can chomp it, u can taste it.
I’m talkin every leetle morsel, don’t you waste it.
Doggie, slurp it up, es enough to fill yer belly!
Es paaaaaaw lickin good, makes muh farts nice n smelly.
Put Puppy’s food in muh mouf!” -@clyde_with_a_y

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